Team Rewards


Teams are the heart and soul of our Race! By starting a team, you can bring family, friends and coworkers together to celebrate a survivor in your life, honor the lives of lost loved ones, or simply support a great cause. In addition to receiving some friendly competition, when you start a team you’ll receive a team website, entry into team contests, and eligibility for top team rewards.

Team Tents

*New in 2016*

Team Tent Graphic 2016

Teams who raise $5,000 or more by September 24th, 2016 will receive a team tent on the plaza deck for Race Day complete with snacks and water! Teams may bring decorations and decorate their tents however they would like.

Teams receiving tents will be notified. Teams who will be assigned a tent are based on the fundraising amount shown on your team fundraising page. If the amount shown on your Team Fundraising page (not your personal page) is incorrect, or if you have offline donations that you have not entered but plan to turn in on Race Day, please call our office BEFORE the deadline. 518-250-5379.

Team Challenges

Team Challenges will be announced via email to Team Captains (make sure your account is set up to accept email and that you have not opted out of email) and on our Facebook page. Past year's challenges included prizes like Lokai bracelets, Komen merchandise packages and special parking.

Team Trophies

Race Trophies

Trophies will be awarded to:

Largest Overall Team

Largest Fundraising Team (The team who fundraises the most)

Largest College/University Team

Largest Friends and Family Team

Largest Corporate Team

Largest Government Agency/Depatment Team 

Largest K-12 Team

Note: Team fundraising totals include all dollars raised by team members individually and all donations made to the team. Donations made to the team are not credited to any individual for the purposes of individual fundraising incentive prizes. Donations made to an individual on a team count towards the team's fundraising goal and prizes.