Teams are the heart and soul of our Race! By starting a team, you can bring family, friends and coworkers together to celebrate a survivor in your life, honor the lives of lost loved ones, or simply support a great cause. In addition to receiving some friendly competition, when you start a team you’ll receive a team website, entry into team contests, and eligibility for top team rewards.

The 2015 Susan G. Komen CNY Race for the Cure® is all about TEAMS! Our Race teams can change history—the history of breast cancer—by helping us reach record-breaking levels of Race participation and fundraising.

Team Awards are determined based on registrations and donations received by May 11th at noon. Team members may continue to register and raise funds up until June 19, 2015. However, any registrations or funds collected after the cutoff date will not be considered for award calculation purposes.

We recognize the following Team Award Categories:

Largest Team on May 11th at noon will be given the Chevy Court Pavilion.
Largest School Team (sport or school) will be given a 10x10 tent.
Teams raising more than $7,500 will be given a 10x10 tent on the pavilion of Chevy Court.
Teams raising more than $10,000 will be given a larger tent and water on the front side of Chevy Court.
Best Team T-shirt Design - Create your own T-shirts! Whatever you can think of. Your imagination is the limit! (Please no Pink shirts as we reserve Pink for our Survivors and no Race for the Cure logos. And be sure to ask about using the official team insignia graphic!)
*Be sure to see the handout of great pledge rewards that your team members can receive for their individual fundraising efforts.

**The tents and pavilion also come with an on-site parking pass and a sign designating your team's success